snowboard NITRO CINEMA 2019, ALL-terrain, Gullwing rocker, WOODCORE, sidewall, HYBRID/rocker
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Unisexe / Hommes
Hybride / Rocker
30-25,5-30 (159cm);

Carres et semelle en parfait état.

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So you've been up a couple times now. You've seen the terrain park and it's changed your perception of what is humanly possible on a snowboard. If your ambitions have grown far past linking turns and honing in your toeside carves, the Nitro Cinema Snowboard is willing to take you there. Crafted for progressing beginners that aspire to stack footy, the Cinema is here to prep you for the big screen. Featuring the easy-going Park Flex and a buttery Gullwing Rocker, you'll be able to float through the jump section and slide boxes until you've built the confidence to hit handrails. And even once you feel comfortable with complex tricks, the Nitro Cinema Snowboard will continue pushing you towards harder and harder tricks -- it's just that good.

Rocker Type

Gullwing Rocker – A hybrid Camber/Rocker profile in a league of it's own, Gullwing offers the best of both worlds for the All-Mountain Destroyer. The positive camber under each foot supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber profile in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as superb press-ability in the park. This do-it-all design allows you to have a quiver of one and ride the whole mountain like a terrain park.


Park Flex – Specifically tuned for park riding, this flex pattern is forgiving yet responsive; allowing you to take your riding to the next level on jumps and rails.


Twin Shape

Radial Sidecut – The simplest and most common of all sidecuts: One single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictable.

Progressive Width – The progressive width is an exclusive feature on the Uberspoon and Slash. Starting out with a medium width profile at the smallest size, these boards get progressively wider as they go up in size, ensuring an ideal board-to-boot match and a perfectly balanced board for riders of every size.


PowerCore II – A tip-to-tail poplar wood core with additional beech wood stringers for unrivaled strength, smooth response and insane snap.


Bi-Lite Laminates – Nitro's rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.


Premium Extruded FH Base – Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material -- Nitro's FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.

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